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Is it too early to start thinking about the NFL Draft?

I don’t know about you but I get excited about the NFL draft months in advance. I probably have more fun discussing who is going where than actually watching the draft. I don’t know if Miami has locked up the 1st pick yet, but one more loss will do that for them. AOL Fanhouse is already talking about what impact Bill Parcells will have on the 1st pick. A lot of people think he will trade out of the pick, which isn’t a bad move because Miami has a lot of problems. I think a lot has to do with what he does with the current staff there. Does he keep the GM and Cam Cameron? If so, John Beck probably gets another chance because they won’t want to give up that quick. Plus Cleo Lemon didn’t look horrible this week. If he wants to make a splash he takes Darren McFadden. I think that’s the safest move. I know Miami has Ronnie Brown so that might not make sense.

It looks like the next three teams will be Atlanta, NY Jets and St. Louis. Atlanta is almost guaranteed to take a QB, but if McFadden is there they probably give him a look. The Jets aren’t taking a QB but would take McFadden if he is there. If not I see them going with Glen Dorsey or James Lauranitis. St. Louis would probably go with Jake Long if he is there. Otherwise Chris Long could be their guy.

If you look at the 10 teams currently in the top 10, you probably only have 2 who for sure won’t take McFadden, St Louis and Kansas City.


Bill Simmons is not happy man

I bet Bill Simmons is mighty happy he had a new kid born this week so that he can be in hiding right now. It’s halftime and the Colts are up 13-7. The Pats aren’t playing all that well and that  TD for the Colts before the half is huge. I liked the Colts before the game. I like them even more right now. But let’s not forget there is a reason Belichik is the best coach in the NFL.

Despite what people say, Sunday is NOT the Super Bowl!

I have pretty much had it with all this talk about how Sunday’s Colts/Pats game is the “Super Bowl.” First of all the Super Bowl is played in February….no seriously.

It’s week 9 in the NFL. The Colts have 8 games to go, the Pats have 7 (after this week). Both teams are virtual locks to make the playoffs and it’s very likely that they will meet again the AFC title game. This game will produce bragging rights, a Super Bowl favorite and quite possibly home field advantage for the playoffs. The Pats have a cakewalk the rest of the season with only only three more games that pose a threat (@Bal, Pitt, @NYG), assuming of course you don’t believe that Miami is destined to beat any undefeated team. The Colts don’t have that much tougher of a challenge (also @Bal, @SD, Jax, Tenn), but the Colts are far more likely to play it smart and rest their guys down the stretch especially if they lose this weekend.

I realize that home field advantage is especially important for the Colts, it’s not an automatic loss if they have to play in New England in January. Plus let me throw this out here. Both of these teams are heavily dependant on their QBs.  Let’s say the Pats win and in two weeks Brady gets his leg broken (in a retaliation move for the running up the score). Do you really think the Pats with Matt Cassel or Matt Gutierrez? Same deal with the Colts who have only one other QB on their roster (Jim Sorgi) and aren’t winning multiple games in the playoffs with Sorgi in the healm.

My point? Anything can happen. I am sure this game is going to be great and I agree that there are implications down the road, but let’s not get too ahead of our selves.

NFL Draft: First day pick means something different

I suppose you could argue I am nitpicking on a minor issue with the new NFL draft rules, but I can’t help it. Being able to say “first day pick” was always the easy way to describe that a guy will/might go in the first three rounds. Suddenly that terminology now means that they will go in the first two rounds. A subtle change, but what happens to guys who have in the past been described as “first day picks?” Does that include the 3rd round or not? I digress…

The decision to shorten the first round time between picks from 15 to 10 is a logical move. I am on the same page as every person that says these guys have 3-4 months to prepare and don’t need 15 minutes to make a decision, particularly anyone drafting in the top 5. The first round last year took something like 6 hours, or 11.25 minutes per pick. With the shortened first round the longest it can get is 5 1/2 hours. But assuming teams use a bit less it should be a more reasonable 4+ hours. This is a great move.

But back to the first change, moving round 3 to Sunday…This I really don’t like. The problem is that day 2 of the NFL Draft now belongs on the NFL Network, which means a lot of people (read: me) don’t get. Now when this was rounds 4 thru 7 I didn’t care a whole lot, but round 3 is generally still worth watching and now I can’t unless I shell out the dough for whatever package the NFL Network is a part of. I know this move is a way for the NFL to get more people to buy their network so they make more money, but it kind of sucks for the fans (what else is new right?). In the end, I think I would sacrifice round 3 on TV for a quicker rounds 1 and 2 so I guess we can call it a win.