The Michigan coaching search takes a crazy turn

Les Miles announced today that he will return to LSU next season as coach. Now we learned from his predecessor Mr. Saban that your word doesn’t mean a thing until you prove it. I don’t think there is any chance that Les Miles is lying. I think a lot of coaches have learned from Nick Saban and it will be a while before someone is stupid enough to do what he did. I was definitely in the camp that if he got offered the job at Michigan there was no way he turns it down. I was wrong, but this isn’t crazy and here’s why:

  1. It’s hard to start over – Both with your personal and professional life. He is settled in there. He knows the program and the facilities and the area and it makes it convenient to stay.
  2. He would have owed LSU $1.25 million dollars – From everything I have heard about the way this works is that some Michigan booster(s) would have picked up the tab for this one. Well I assume that is true, you never know.
  3. The salary – Miles was making something like $1.6 million at LSU and it’s questionable how much of a bump Michigan was offering. Supposedly he re-negotiated his contract with LSU and when we hear how much of a raise we got we will learn a lot.  The guy has won 85% of his games so far so I expect it will be over $2mil when it’s announced.
  4. He has a good team – Like I said he has already won 85% of his games and if it wasn’t for injuries to a lot of his key players he might not have lost those two triple overtime games. LSU stands a good chance to be the highest ranked 2-loss team when the season is over.
  5. His recruiting classes are good – He has a lot of talent coming back next year. Ryan Perrilloux is a stud waiting to happen and he has two years of eligibility left. You can look in his direction as one of the “new” Heisman candidates for next year (more on this in a later post). Keiland Williams can be a stud running back. Trindon Holliday brings back the speed. We haven’t seen much of WR Terrance Tolliver yet and he isn’t done recruiting for next season. This team should be top 10 in the preaseason.

You can’t fault Les Miles for not wanting to go to a new place where he doesn’t know the players where you have to start over recruiting. Add to it that LSU is turning into a big-time program and he has a long way to go.


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