The BCS picture get’s clearer, but a lot can still happen

I am not quite in the mood to look real deep into it, but something tells me the BCS picture hasn’t been this crazy going into the last weekend as it is this week. One thing that has become entirely clear to me though: Everyone who says that a playoff would “de-value” the regular season should be put in their place by now. My cousin is a big advocate of  this nonsensical logic that says if we have a playoff with 4 or 8 teams that suddenly every regular season game won’t matter. The logic that one-loss and your season is over would be gone like this season…oh wait, there are no (real) teams that are undefeated? If Missouri and West Virginia lose this week we could have a team with TWO losses in the championship game? I don’t believe it!!! I haven’t talked to my cousin to see if his stance has changed. You can’t tell me that with the way things are this year a four-team (or better yet 8 team) playoff wouldn’t make a lot of sense. In fact I would keep the 6 BCS conferences with their automatic bids and then give out two at-large spots, just like now. It would have setup things so the following 8 teams would be in:

  1. Missouri/Oklahoma winner
  2. West Virginia
  3. Ohio St.
  4. USC (if they win)
  5. Virginia Tech/Boston College winner
  6. LSU/Tennessee winner
  7. Hawaii
  8. Kansas

Those numbers don’t neccessarily represent seeds, but it would take a lot of guessing out of it. Right now the nightmare scenario is if OU wins and WVU loses, who plays Ohio St. in the title game? The thing is, a lot of people would say tOSU doesn’t belong there. If we had a playoff we could find out. It would also let Hawaii play a real team and when they got stomped we could all say “see they didn’t deserve it” but at least we would know. Instead we will end up with this clusterf*** of bowl games:

  • Champ: Missouri vs. WVU
  • Rose: Ohio St. vs. USC
  • Fiesta: Kansas vs. Georgia
  • Orange: BC/VaTech vs. ASU
  • Sugar: LSU/Tennesee vs. Hawaii

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