College Football Roundup

Another shakeup in the BCS this week. #1 Ohio St. fell at home to unranked Illinois, meaning they need to win next week and get a lot of help to get back into the top 2. #4 Kansas keeps the dreamride alive winning on the road against OK St. setting up a showdown with 1-loss Missouri on 11/24. Add #8 Boston College to the list of teams that went from unbeaten to losing two straight games. Their dream season is over. #13 UConn’s dream season also came to an end. They didn’t stand a real good chance of getting to the title game but it was possible. #12 Michigan had it’s 8-game win streak ended but somehow will still play for the Big Ten Title (and Rose bowl berth) next week.

Most likely to play for the national championship if they win out:

  1. LSU – Should be #1 in the computers and human polls tomorrow. Still have to play @Ole Miss and Arkansas plus the SEC title game which will be Georgia/Tennessee/Florida and give LSU another boost. The way the SEC is this year a 1-loss SEC champ cannot be denied a spot.
  2. Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma – It’s impossible for more than one of these teams to run the table. KU and Mizzou play the last week of the season, the winner is in the Big 12 title game against Oklahoma if they win until then or Texas if OU stumbles twice. If KU goes 13-0 they are in. No matter what if one of these teams runs the table they should be in.
  3. Oregon – Will likely be #2 in all the pools tomorrow but don’t close with anybody of note and have no conference title game to earn some points. The Pac 10 is top heavy with ASU, Oregon and USC at the top. USC and ASU play next week, which will likely weaken Oregon in the computers a bit. Best case scenario for Oregon is that Oklahoma somehow stumbles and Texas wins the Big 12.
  4. West Virginia – This team isn’t going to get much of a boost from the Louisville win, but they still have a road game @Cincinnati and UConn who are both 8-2. If WVU runs the table they should get a boost in the computers, but because the Big East isn’t terribly strong it probably won’t be enough without some help.
  5. Arizona St. – The Sun Devils are still alive thanks to a tight win against UCLA. ASU’s only loss was @Oregon which is very respectable. They still have to beat USC next week but if they get some help they are in it.
  6. Ohio St. – If they beat Michigan next week they can sit around and hope everyone else in front of them stumbles. At 11-1 if everyone ahead of them slips up it will be hard to keep them out, but who knows.

I think it would be tough for all 6 of these teams to blow it, but the way this season is going, anything is possible. I know this sounds crazy, but if that happens, don’t count Hawaii out ;).

As for the Heisman, I am in the camp that it’s still Dennis Dixon’s to lose. Tim Tebow has looked incredible but it’s my feeling that the voters really have to not have another candidate to give it to a sophomore so he will have to settle for being next year’s favorite. Darren McFadden was merely average this week but I don’t count him because I feel that voters will take last season into account when voting (however wrong that is). Pat White had a big game and is probably still in the discussion.

Lastly, here is how the BCS bowls are shaping up at this point

  • Championship: LSU vs. Oregon
  • Rose:  Michigan/Ohio St. vs. Arizona St/USC
  • Fiesta: Missouri/Oklahoma/Kansas vs. WVU
  • Orange: Clemson/BC/Virginia/VaTech vs. Texas
  • Sugar: Georgia/Tennessee/Florida vs. Hawaii

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