Hot Stove League Update

It’s still early on and we are approaching the lull that will take place before the Winter Meetings but stuff is still happening…

  • Curt Schilling did his little song and dance about saying goodbye to Boston and then less than a week later is back with the Red Sox with an incentive-laden contract. At $8 million base salary it’s an good move for the BoSox. Schilling slots as the #2 or #3 starter, behind Beckett and possibly Dice K if he can turn the corner. With Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz waiting in the wings this is definitely it for Schilling in Boston. Injury notwithstanding, Schillling was solid last year.
  • The Chicago White Sox declined Juan Uribe’s option before signing him for $1 million less. Uribe is bad. I look at The Hardball Times and Win Shares and he is a lot worse than I thought. He is a surprisingly solid fielder, earning 9.3 win shares as a fielder. Only Troy Tulowitski earned more in the field. Unfortunately he only earned 3.9 as a hitter. To put it into perspective, Hanley Ramirez led all shortstops with 25 as a hitter. 3.9 win shares means that as a hitter, Juan Uribe is worth less than 2 wins. At $4 million it’s not a horrible move. Uribe seems to be declining in a hurry though.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies went out and traded for Brad Lidge. Supposedly so they could move Brett Myers back to the rotation. I think the playoffs were a big wakeup call. Other than Hamels they have no starting pitching and what good is a closer if you can’t hold a lead? Lidge’s reputation has been tarnished after Albert Pujols took him deep in the 2005 playoffs. Lidge has only been in the league 5 full seasons. He went from setup man in 2003 to lights out closer in 2004. He will was awesome again in 2005 before the playoffs. Despite a horrible 2006, he actually had a pretty solid 2007 even though he lost his closer’s job. I never understand the shock of Lidge’s decline. He wasn’t that established and it’s not like he’s been in the league 10 years. Take a look at the guy he replaced, Octavio Dotel. He had a similar path of setup man, to closer, to getting injured/burning out (somewhat).

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