Week 10 in CFB: Minimal levels of insanity

Week 10 in college football definitely had potential to give us more straight up craziness. We only minimally experienced it:

  • #2 Boston College’s dream season likely came to an end after losing at home to Florida St. 27 of this game’s 44 points came in the 4th quarter. Because of the extreme weakness of the ACC, BC would need everyone else to have two losses to get in.
  • The Pac-10 race got a little clearer after #5 Oregon beat #4 Arizona St. Oregon has proved they are the real deal. If they win out (@Ariz, @UCLA, Oregon St.) they should be playing for the National Title. Don’t give up on ASU though. Their only loss was on a the road to a tough team and if they win out (@UCLA, USC, Arizona) and get some things to break their way, they can be back in the race. As good as the Pac 10 is, winning out should at least get them an at-large BCS berth.
  • #3 LSU again narrowly escapes a loss. They needed 17 4th quarter points to beat their former coach. They haven’t a game by double digits since September (Tulane). I believe they are a good team, but I am not fully convinced they are worthy of going ahead of some of these other 1-loss teams.
  • In the Big 12, #8 Kansas ripped off a ridiculous 76 points to stick to Nebraska. Meanwhile #6 Oklahoma convincingly beat Texas A&M. Kansas controls their own destiny. They play two winnable games (@OK St., Iowa St.) before closing the season against Missouri in a game that will almost certainly be for a spot in the Big 12 title game against (most likely) Oklahoma. If Kansas wins out, how are they NOT in the title game? Speaking of Missouri, they won as well and could have a case if they win out.
  • In the Big Ten,#1 Ohio St. and #12 Michigan both won, making it look as if their November 19th matchup is going to be H-U-G-E.

I decided to rank the teams assuming they all win out, who has the best chance to make the title game:

  1. Ohio St. – Number 1 already, a win over Michigan will be a statement
  2. Kansas – #2 in the Sagarin, would have to get by Missouri and (most likely) Oklahoma. If you beat those two and finish 13-0 you have to get the nod. Those two wins might put them number 1 in the computers.
  3. LSU – The voters have them second already, so that helps. They have a pretty easy last three games and then will face someone in the title game (Georgia, Tennessee, Florida).
  4. Oregon – The Pac 10 is amazing and Oregon is definitely hot right now. The Pac 10 is too good to keep a loss team out (unless two or more of the above teams in out)
  5. Arizona St.
  6. Oklahoma/Missouri
  7. Boston College
  8. Georgia
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. UConn

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