Despite what people say, Sunday is NOT the Super Bowl!

I have pretty much had it with all this talk about how Sunday’s Colts/Pats game is the “Super Bowl.” First of all the Super Bowl is played in February….no seriously.

It’s week 9 in the NFL. The Colts have 8 games to go, the Pats have 7 (after this week). Both teams are virtual locks to make the playoffs and it’s very likely that they will meet again the AFC title game. This game will produce bragging rights, a Super Bowl favorite and quite possibly home field advantage for the playoffs. The Pats have a cakewalk the rest of the season with only only three more games that pose a threat (@Bal, Pitt, @NYG), assuming of course you don’t believe that Miami is destined to beat any undefeated team. The Colts don’t have that much tougher of a challenge (also @Bal, @SD, Jax, Tenn), but the Colts are far more likely to play it smart and rest their guys down the stretch especially if they lose this weekend.

I realize that home field advantage is especially important for the Colts, it’s not an automatic loss if they have to play in New England in January. Plus let me throw this out here. Both of these teams are heavily dependant on their QBs.  Let’s say the Pats win and in two weeks Brady gets his leg broken (in a retaliation move for the running up the score). Do you really think the Pats with Matt Cassel or Matt Gutierrez? Same deal with the Colts who have only one other QB on their roster (Jim Sorgi) and aren’t winning multiple games in the playoffs with Sorgi in the healm.

My point? Anything can happen. I am sure this game is going to be great and I agree that there are implications down the road, but let’s not get too ahead of our selves.


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