The Hot Stove is lit

Editorial Note: I vow to make this blog as A-Rod Free as possible until he gets some serious offers.

It didn’t even take 24 hours for the Hot Stove action to get going and it almost seems like it’s full steam ahead already. Of course we all know there is the knee-jerk post-World Series activity (managers fired/hired, quick trades, players filing for free agency) but we probably have another week at least before things heat up.

The Yankees fired Joe Torre and have already replaced him with Joe Girardi. This wasn’t much of a shock to anyone. Girardi has been the likely replacement since before he took the Marlins job last year. In fact, I am convinced he just said “screw it” in Florida and did whatever he wanted because he knew the Yankee job was his when he wanted it. He’s a Northwestern guy, so I can’t hate. I think he will be a good manager but he has one of the toughest acts ever to follow.

Meanwhile it looks like Torre wants to manage again. The Dodgers seem interested and I could see it being a job he would take. If not, he takes some time off and waits for the right job. ESPN is reporting that Grady Little has resigned paving the way for Torre. It should be interesting.


  • Unsurprisingly Torii Hunter and Curt Schilling filed for free agency. It’s my belief that Schilling will be back with his former team and Hunter won’t. I am really crossing my fingers that my White Sox don’t make a play for Hunter. While I acknowledge he is a solid fielder, he is vastly overrated as a hitter. His career OBP is .324 and he will get your 100 strikeouts. The fact that he is 32 is a sign that he isn’t on the rise and if he gets a 5-year deal he will be 37 when it’s over. You don’t think we can find an above average fielder who can give us an OBP of .324? I think we can for much cheaper.
  • The Brewers declined the option on Geoff Jenkins. At $9 million it was a reasonable option, but it seems like time to cut ties with Jenkins. After his first two full seasons Jenkins looked like a star on the rise. But his career average is .277, he hasn’t eclipsed 30 home runs since 2000. Surprisingly his career OPS+ is 116 and he has been over 100 every season since his rookie year. I suppose that means Jenkins is slightly above average. His most comparable player is Torii Hunter (of course that doesn’t include defense) who is about to get a huge payday. Jenkins is significantly better against right handers and I think he will be a good righty only LFer for another team in the NL.
  • Lastly the Detroit Tigers acquired Edgar Renteria from the Braves. MLBTradeRumors seem to like the deal for the Braves. This move will allow the Tigers to move Carlos Guillen to 1B. I have to be honest though, this is a curious move. The Tigers only had one regular position player under 30 last year (Curtis Granderson). This team has an incredibly young pitching staff so maybe they feel like they can get by with an older offense. Renteria is coming off a great season but he isn’t getting any younger. This is definitely a win now move. I don’t think it’s a bad one though.

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