Get your bet’s in, it’s Boston’s year!

Don’t look now but the city of Boston is about to run away with the sports world. The Red Sox are two wins away from their second World Series in 4 (or like 80 something, depending on how you look at it) years. Boston College just pulled off a huge win at Virginia Tech in the rain which a crazy comeback. They have four very winnable games left and could be in the championship game in 6 weeks or so. The Pats are decimating every team they face and could be on their way to the first ever 19-0 season. The Celtics traded for two high profile superstars and play in a horribly weak (OK, it’s getting better) conference.

It’s really not crazy that Boston could run the table. Obviously the Red Sox are extremely close and unless they completely go in the tank they should be able to win two out of five games (especially with two home games in the mix). The Patriots are killing teams and rubbing it in just for the fun of it. It’s going to be a colossal letdown if they don’t win it all. Boston College has four games left (Florida St., at Maryland, at Clemson, Miami) that are all winnable. They will have to win the ACC title game to have a real shot at the national title and that will either be a rematch with Virginia Tech or a game with Virginia. If you are a BC fan root for the Virginia game. The old theory is that the same team doesn’t beat the same team twice in the same season. It’s too early to talk about the Celts but they finished with the 2nd worst record in the NBA last year but should be much better. They play in a weak division and can hope that Jason Kidd is out of gas in New Jersey, Wade can’t bounce back in Miami or Washington trades Agent Zero to make it easier.

Either way, if you can, take some chances on the Celts if you are in Vegas.


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