What is the solution to the College Football Championship?

The arguments happen almost daily about the predicament currently plaguing College Football: the BCS is shady. I won’t say it sucks because generally I have felt it get’s it right and nothing is perfect (see the 2007 World Series where I don’t believe Colorado is the best team in the NL). I have heard a million different arguments for and against a playoff.

My cousin and I started up a conversation about it today. He is definitely what I would consider a “purist” to a certain extent and believes a playoff would de-value the regular season too much. I think this is true in College Basketball where a team in a so-called “power conference” only needs to finish in the top 5 to pretty be a lock to make the tourney. A team like UNC or Duke can cruise and make the tourney every year. Once you are in the tournament, anyone can win. The NBA is pretty wacked out too, where half the league makes the playoffs and teams with losing records can make it in. In both of those sports the regular season is heavily de-valued.

Don’t get my wrong, I am not saying a playoff is the solution, but it’s certainly an idea. Assuming a 4 or 8 team playoff is the solution, I don’t feel that that the regular season gets de-valued. If we finish the season with 10-15 one-loss teams (and no undefeated ones) it would be nice to give a few teams the chance to battle it out instead of just picking two. I know that this potentially creates the issue of picking 4 teams isn’t a lot better than picking two, but it increases your margin for error when getting the “right” teams playing for the championship.

A big problem with college football is that there are so many teams (119 DI-A I believe) and the schedules vary so much that it’s difficult to distinguish teams from eachother. Even two teams in the same conference that don’t play eachother can be difficult to separate. Plus the human factor is ridiculous. For example, currently the humans have West Virginia six (!) places ahead of South Florida in the polls despite the fact that USF beat WVU earlier in the year. The computers realize this and give USF a significant advantage. Another example is Oklahoma, who the computer have ranked 14th, while both polls have them ranked 4th. How ridiculous is this?

My cousin made the point that he doesn’t care who is declared the “champion” he just wants to see good games. I don’t know how a playoff takes away from that since you would still see the top teams playing eachother. Plus we could hopefully avoid situations where a 9-3 Big East Pitt team gets smoked by Utah in a bowl game.

I don’t have a solution but don’t tell me the current system is the best way to go.


1 Response to “What is the solution to the College Football Championship?”

  1. 1 Who To Bet October 26, 2007 at 6:13 am

    A large playoff at the end of the season would provide a good month of football, but not having a playoff makes every game in the regular season like a playoff b/c you know if you lose, you are probably out of the national championship game. Think about last year. If there was a playoff, Ohio State and Michigan would have sat their best players during their game (like the NFL teams do in Week 17). Knowing it was a make or break game, we got a great game in the regular season. If there is a playoff…use 4 teams max.

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