NFL Draft: First day pick means something different

I suppose you could argue I am nitpicking on a minor issue with the new NFL draft rules, but I can’t help it. Being able to say “first day pick” was always the easy way to describe that a guy will/might go in the first three rounds. Suddenly that terminology now means that they will go in the first two rounds. A subtle change, but what happens to guys who have in the past been described as “first day picks?” Does that include the 3rd round or not? I digress…

The decision to shorten the first round time between picks from 15 to 10 is a logical move. I am on the same page as every person that says these guys have 3-4 months to prepare and don’t need 15 minutes to make a decision, particularly anyone drafting in the top 5. The first round last year took something like 6 hours, or 11.25 minutes per pick. With the shortened first round the longest it can get is 5 1/2 hours. But assuming teams use a bit less it should be a more reasonable 4+ hours. This is a great move.

But back to the first change, moving round 3 to Sunday…This I really don’t like. The problem is that day 2 of the NFL Draft now belongs on the NFL Network, which means a lot of people (read: me) don’t get. Now when this was rounds 4 thru 7 I didn’t care a whole lot, but round 3 is generally still worth watching and now I can’t unless I shell out the dough for whatever package the NFL Network is a part of. I know this move is a way for the NFL to get more people to buy their network so they make more money, but it kind of sucks for the fans (what else is new right?). In the end, I think I would sacrifice round 3 on TV for a quicker rounds 1 and 2 so I guess we can call it a win.


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